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We aimed at providing quality gardening services that meet all gardening needs.


Our company has the ability and equipment to provide various types of services depending on the client’s needs.


We aim at pleasing the client by providing a variety of gardening services.


We have a team of qualified and experienced employees who are dedicated to serving the client.


Space is highly important when it comes to gardening. This is why we went the extra mile to provide gardening expansion services. We use gardening expansion kits. The aim of these kits is to provide extra gardening space as well as beautify your garden.

Our team of qualified and experienced individuals will be able to advice as well as provide services that will suit your garden. The most important factor that we consider when using the kits is mainly the garden space. We also specialise in garden drainage issues and employ fully qualified plumbers to remedy any garden drainage and sewer pipe problems you need fixing. You can also find us in the Plumbers Derby Directory.

Expansion services and kits

Some of the methods and services that we are able to provide to expand your garden include;

      • Flower bed rising- the main aim of this is to allow extra space in the garden. When a small sized garden has flat flower beds, the garden appears stressed. This is one of the simplest services that we are able to offer with ease.
      • Using of drip kits- drip kits allows the garden to look healthy and clean at all times. Each and every person wants a green beautiful garden and there is no better way of doing so that using drip kits. We will be able to strategically position the drip kits in order to effectively fit your garden.
      • Other techniques- depending on the type and size of your garden we will be able to provide other services that may include; the use of tyres, pots and other equipment. These kits will be able to increase space in your garden as well as beautify your garden as well. For the coloured kits, it is usually up to you to choose the best colour.

These are just some of the extra services that we are able to offer to beautify and expand your garden. In order to provide the best services, all we require from the client is detailed information on exactly what they want.

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