Maintenance Tips For Wooden Gates

Caring For Wooden Gates

Wooden gates are very popular in modern home designs for various reasons. They are classic, have unparalleled aesthetic beauty and allow much customisation besides protecting your home from unauthorised access. However, wooden gates are quite delicate as wood is prone to the effects of the weather and environment if not properly maintained. We took the opportunity to look over the internet and found this great website and wooden gates derby company called Standguard Gates that helped us research some maintenance tips to keep your wooden gates pristine.
From mites to expansion, rapid depreciation and fire risk, wooden gates require sufficient measures if you want to enjoy their aesthetic look for longer. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to improve the efficiency and longevity of you gates.wooden_gates_derby

Below are some maintenance ideas;

Choose long life-span hardwoods

When looking for gates made of wood, you will come across several options all promoted as the strongest most durable wood in the market. However, only a handful retailers can guarantee top quality hard wood. It is therefore important to ask questions about the wood used or even make early orders and witness the starting stages of curving your gate.

Use natural mite and pest repellent coatings

There are various options when it comes to mite and pest control. Without protective coating, mites and other pests will attach and damage your wooden gate within a very short time. Some woods come from the manufacturers already protected from pests while others are naturally not edible for the mites. If your gate lacks these features, consider buying pest coating and apply it all around the wood.


You can apply an extra thin layer to protect your gate from the effects of dynamic weather changes. This coating prevents moisture absorption (thus eliminating the need to time installation periods) and also proofs your gate from extreme sunlight by reflecting most of it back to the environment. Choose a finish that is smooth and easy to maintain/clean. Some paints already contain such finishes and weatherproof properties so you can always research the market for the best alternative.

Consider enforcing the jointswooden_gates_derby

The standing pillars and joints require reinforcements from time to time as part of maintaining your wooden gates. Make sure you have firm pillars where the wooden gate swings. Some people use a metal base and top to provide a compact shape and design with the wood forming the grid and bulk of the gate. It is advisable to have concrete walls and pillars attached to the gate to make it firm and stable.

Choose the right type

There are different types of wooden gates on the market and each has unique competitive edges and reasons to choose them. When looking for wooden gates, the first step is to note all your requirements for quality, maintenance, design and customisation including price, flexibility and ease of use among others. Once you have these, you can then move to find designs that meet your needs. Some of the existing options include bi-folds, garden gates and sliding wooden gates. You will also find softwoods and hardwoods.


There are many other minor things you can do to ensure your gates look better and last longer. Wood has a tendency to expand during winter and then dry out during summer. It is advisable to install your wooden gates at a time when there is some sort of balance. If you install them during winter, they will soon be loose when summer comes and the reverse is true for gates installed in summer (they often refuse to close in winter). You can also use professionals to help you find the ideal make for your needs.
We found a great deal of useful information from this wonderful wooden gates derby team called Standguard Gates at Parker House, Unit 45, Mansfield Road, Derby, Derbyshire, DE21 4SZ,, 01332 895310 who are industry experts when it comes to all types of gate installations. Why not contact a member of their team today to see what they can do for you.