Driveways Too Add Property Appeal

A driveway is a private road which is maintained and owned by an individual. It is used as a specific path to enter garages, houses or carports. It connects the house and the public road and might also have a gate in between. They rarely have traffic lights but there are a few which leads to the parks or the commercial businesses which have heavy traffic. We found a great deal of information from some derbyshire driveway specialists at S Brown Paving they may be worth checking out if you’re looking to install a new driveway.derbyshire_driveways
The surface of your driveway is important as it uplifts the look of your property as well as being a valuable feature to the entrance of your home. There are many types to choose from: –
Crushed stone
Basalt paver tiles
Tar and chip
The pros and cons of having these different types of driveways are: –
1. Concrete surface
Pros- They are appealing, affordable and long lasting. To give the appearance of an expensive one it can be dyed or stamped. There are a variety of materials available.
Cons- It gets very affected by extremely cold weather.
2. Brick surface
Pros- It has very low maintenance and is also durable and appealing. It is available in a variety of colours
Cons- The installation cost is high.
3. Asphalt surface
Pros- As compared to concrete it is easy to install. As it is black in colour it retains heat which helps in melting the snow.
Cons- There are no colour options available except for black. The maintenance cost is very high and it also needs to be resealed every three to five years.
4. Gravel surface
Pros- The material is very inexpensive and can be quickly installed. It comes in different sizes and colours. The best thing is it allows water to run into the ground.
Cons- It needs maintenance on a regular basis as the gravel keeps on shifting. It is not practical to use these in snowy regions.
5. Crushed stone surface
Pros- It is available in a variety of colours. It forms a surface smoother than gravel and is also easy to maintain.
Cons- It becomes difficult to remove snow.
6. Pavers surface
Pros- They are made from brick, natural stone or concrete. The pavers can also be permeable in nature.
Cons- Concrete pavers comes in a variety of sizes and colours and are also the least expensive ones. Brick pavers give the elegance at a low cost. Natural stone pavers are the most expensive ones.
7. Basalt paver tiles surface
Pros- They are durable and have low maintenance cost.
Cons- It needs to be installed carefully.
8. Tar and chip surface
Pros- They are inexpensive.
Cons- They need proper maintenance.
9. Cobblestone surface
Pros- They have low maintenance cost, are durable and are very attractive.
Cons- They are expensive. It is difficult to clear snow as the surface is not smooth.
Repair or resurface?
Because of the movement of the vehicles on the driveway on a daily basis, it will cause damage to it. These damages need to be taken care of. I the damage is a small one or is less than a quarter inch in size then these surfaces can be repaired by patching it. Instead of patching the small damages over and over again it is better to resurface the whole driveway which will give it a new look and it also seals the cracks and pits for a long time.
Visit for the driveways Derbyshire specialists full range of services. After visiting their website, we found they had a great deal to offer and a vast amount of information that was most helpful for this post. S Brown Paving Ltd, 14 High Street, Stonebroom, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 6JY‎, 01773 590159,

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